During my life coach sessions with Kelli she showed a keen ability to recognize patterns which inhibit me from achieving success to my full potential. She provided mental and written exercise routines that helped me think outside the box and achieve my goals. She is extraordinarily supportive. She also has a great sense of humor which makes her all the more fun to work with!

-Sarah K.


Working with Kelli goes beyond a traditional supportive coaching experience.  It’s transcendent. Her coaching style is like a human mirror reflecting and showing you who you are and can be. There’s no judgement when working with her. Her direct questions and coaching advice are purely from the heart.  She was able to hone in on my strengths with laser focus and work quickly to help me identify opportunities that were holding me back. I left my session feeling more hopeful about the power that I possessed within and the talents that I have been called to share with others. Her memorable coaching leaves a lasting impression that you can refer to often. I’m still thinking about our last session and it’s been 2 months! 

-Joyel C.

Kelli is a very wise soul. Her coaching is based on her great intuition skills. She has a very good sense of humor which made it quite easy for me to show the more tender side of myself. Her style of coaching is unique - she works with a lot of lovely & easily to understand images and metaphors. Her coaching changed my life positively in many ways.

-Anja J.

The session really helped me sort out some ideas that had been floating in my head and heart. You are a great match for coaching -intelligent, perceptive, creative, intuitive, warm and caring.
-Denise W.

Kelli is grounded, practical, and witty. I always feel support and non-judgement when I am in session with her. When I first came to her I was looking for guidance around clarifying my group coaching program. She gave me a reading and instantly it was right in line with my thoughts. I felt validated and at ease with moving forward. She is a brilliant Oracle and Coach but most important I trust her immensely.

-Shauna L.

​Kelli responds with such empathy and depth of caring, it is impossible not to find those qualities in yourself, then move toward inner healing. Her suggestions are astute and powerful. 
- Christine R.