Kelli Boyd

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Intuitive Coach & Guide

Adulting in this post-modern age can be strange and sometimes difficult. When you look up from your life and you realize you're not where you wanted to be, where do you find guidance? Who do you consult? People will tell you, "Trust your gut!" But how do you do that? Which one is my gut again? Once you get some idea of what you want then more questions arise. How do you make your way from point A to point B or even point C? It can all be a little overwhelming to do by yourself. Enter the intuitive coach - me. I'm not here to tell you what to do. I'm here to listen, reflect, encourage and guide. I can help you learn to listen more closely to that gut feeling - to understand the difference between what your head wants and what your heart needs. I'll be straight with you, it's not easy. Seriously, it takes work. But it's totally worth it!

Why me? That is an excellent question. For one, I've had 2 years of training where I learned and practiced NLP coaching methods and intuitive guidance skills to assist my clients on their journey. For another, I've always identified as an empath and intuitive. That being said, I'm quite adapt at logic and analytical thinking. As such a duel-minded person, I'm skilled at adjusting my coaching to meet each client where they're at, whether they're more comfortable with a logical, analytical coaching style or a feeling and intuitive flow state. Check out my Testimonials page for more on why my clients enjoy working with me!